We want you to relax and enjoy your stay here, it is a wonderfully exciting place to visit, but please remember:

  • We are a working farm and appreciate parents supervising their own children.
  • Machinery can be dangerous, whether moving or not, so please do not climb on it or allow play near it.
  • There are electric fences to keep livestock in place.  These give a shock if you touch them, so try not to; it is always best to keep to paths.
  • There is a small pond in our garden, one side of which you can view over a little wall; this is the best and safest place to peep in and see tadpoles etc.  Please respect the plants and wildlife around the other sides of the pond and disaude children from trying to scramble there.
  • Please remember that not everything you find in the garden or countryside is edible.
  • A railway passes through the farm, hidden behind hedges and fences.  Please take care on the bridge, particularly where it joins the fence down to the drive.  Never stray onto railway lines.  You are welcome to wave at the trains (they might even give you a beeboop), but please do not drop anything from the bridge.
  • The A413 at the bottom of the drive is a busy, fast, main road, so please take care pulling out and in; give yourself enough space.
  • Inside the house, remember that as an old house, the floors are gently undulating, the door-ways lower than normal, with raised lintels, so please mind your head if you are tall.
  • A stair gate is available for the top of the stairs.  We have Fenster window restictors on the upper windows to ensure your safety from falls.  These can be unlocked by adult hands if required.
  • Fire safety is important and we have smoke detectors relevant to each room.  We are a non-smoking farm, both inside and out.  There are fire extinguishers and a fold-out safety ladder kept upstairs incase of an emergency.
  • There is a cosy open fire-place in the lounge with fireguard to use.  Please do not leave the fire unattended, and please do ask for guidance on firelighting if you need.  If you would like a camp fire during your stay, please do ask –  we have a Scout Leader ready !